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Concertina Razor Wire-The Protector of Your Homeland

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In daily life, Concertina Razor Wire is widely used to protect property and life from damage. It is one important type of razor wire.
concertina razor wire
Zhengyang Concertina Razor Wire is made by stainless steel sheets and galvanized high tensile claps which has the corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance. It is extended to form a barrier that on one can invade like a concertina. Concertina Razor Wire has two formations: spiral formation (unclipped) and concertina formation (clipped). Each spiral circle is joined by three, five or seven rows of connector clips, depending on the diameter of the circle. This condenses the spacing of the spirals. Its hard material and a deterrent appearance with cost-effective price make it popular all over the world. Besides,it is usually installed with high security fence to enforce the secure ability, which is like the barbed wire. Correctional institutions (penitentiaries), government facilities, prison, military sites, airport, farm, police, private security zones, border security,gardens, residences, private properties cannot be without it. 
concertina razor wire
1.A single coil of Razor Wire fixed to a standard fence provides a good deterrent. Remember, the mere fact that an intruder can't exit quickly is also a strong deterrent.
2.Concertina coil on top of wall, provides anti intruder protection.
3.A standard fence can easily be upgraded with Razor Wire to become a powerful security barrier.
4.Razor Wire coils between two fences renders a good security zone. Harmless to innocent people.
5.Razor Wire coils serve as high security border barrier. A person or animal trying to pass through it will suffer discomfort and possibly injury.
Zhengyang Concertina Razor Wire,your intimate soldier. If you are interested in our product,please contact Hebei Zhengyang Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd . Email:sun@sunwiremesh.com  


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