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Concertina Razor Wire-Solving Your Question about Security

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Concertina Razor Wire-Solving Your Question about Security

The concertina spiral razor wire,made of 0.5mm thick hot-galvanized steel sheet and 2.5mm thick high-carbon galvanized wire, is formed in large coils which can be expanded like a concertina. It has a beautiful crossing outlook and it  suitable for uses after extending, making an ideal security fencing with great anti-climb and anti-cutting property. Standard materials for razor type barbed wire are either galvanized or stainless steel. Concertina provides superior deterrence and security while it is easy to install. It has multiple uses. Concertina razor wire is widely used as security fence on top of the existing fences or solid walls in house, warehouse, factory, airport, power generation stations, or in border area, emergence events or military activities.
Concertina Razor Wire-Solving Your Question about Security

Our concertina razor wire has two formations: spiral formation (unclipped) and concertina formation (clipped).According to the diameter of the coil, each coil is added with three, five or seven line connectors, which can greatly save space. The clip of our products is made of 1.5-2mm thick and overall 10mm wide hot, which is galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel. Although you have a special tool, you are difficult to open it. And the diameter of the circle is reduced by 5-10% after opening. The usual specification is as follows, we also adjust our production according to your requirements. We hope you can call us if you have any question or requirement.

Coil Diameter No.of Loops No.of Clips Recommended Stretch Length
200mm/203mm(8'') 33/33 Unclipped 6-8m/25ft
300mm/305mm(12'') 33/33 Unclipped 8-10ft/30ft
400mm/405mm(16'') 33/33 Unclipped 10-12m/40ft
450mm/457mm(18'') 33/33 Unclipped 12-15m/50ft
600mm/609mm(24'') 33/33 Unclipped 12-15m/50ft
305mm/12'' 54/31 3 6.5m/12ft
400mm/16'' 33/33 3 8m/15ft
457mm/18'' 54/31 3 8m/15ft
609mm/24'' 54/31 3 11m/20ft
700mm/27'' 54/31 3/5 11m/20ft
762mm/30'' 54/31 3/5 11m/20ft
980mm/38.5'' 54/31 3/5 11m/20ft
1270mm/50'' 54/31 7/5 11m/20ft
1520mm/60'' 54/31 9 8m25ft


Both single coil and cross wire mesh is made of waterproof paper inside the packaging; woven bags to do the outer packaging. In addition, we can also provide carton packaging. Even if the bad weather, we can guarantee that the concertina razor wire will not rust. We can also print your own trademark as you required. .I think it is must a perfect choice for you to accept our products. If you are interested in our products, please contact us. Tel: +86-311-67263936


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