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Classification Of High Security Fence

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High Security Fence as a base defend net, it can have very good protection effect to safety and property. According to the different form, our company fence can be divided into the following three: Chain Link Fence, Riot Control Fence, 358 Anti-climb Fence. Different fence has different application.
Classification Of High Security Fence.

Chain-link fence is perhaps the most economical type of fencing system. It has been the perimeter security in our daily life. For its safe and non-aggressive, it has been used in schools, hospitals, parks and other areas for security need. What’s more, our chain-link fence can be manufactured into different forms according to our customers’ need. We also support surveillance, detection, assessment and electric alarms by providing a zone for installation of detection equipment and CCTV.

Riot Control Fence is designed to make riot or crowd control. Compared with other fence, Riot Control Fence is more convenient for transport and storage because of light weight, while providing high security. Now it has been widely used in concerts, football games, basketball games, and other public places.

358 Anti-climb Fence is also called prison fence. Compared with other fence, it is usually installed with concertina razor wire coils or barbed wire on its top. So this type is especially used for prison and military bases. This fence is not easy to climb, and is less likely to be damaged, so as to better protect the safety of prisons and other military areas.If you want to learn more about security fence, don’t hesitate to tell us by email sun@sunwiremesh.com


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