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Chain Link Fence of zhengyang Deserve the Good Reputation

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Chain Link Fence can be called Diamond Fence, it is made from weaving all kinds of metal wire by the Chain Link Fence machine, it can be divided into the fold shrink, twist the lock side of the two kinds.
Chain Link Fence of zhengyang Deserve the Good Reputation
chain link net is perhaps the most economical type of fencing system. During its strength, durability (corrosion resistance), it has been the choice for perimeter security. According to the site of application, chain-link fence can be manufactured into different forms. No matter for commercial, residential, or security need, you can contact with us to give you guide if you need.
We also support surveillance, detection, assessment and electric alarms by providing a zone for installation of detection equipment and CCTV.
Widely used in highway, railway, highway fence facilities. Also used for interior decoration, raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fence. Mechanical equipment, protective nets, machinery and equipment of the transmission grid. Sports venues fence, the road green belt protection. 
The screen in the production of a box-shaped container, filled with rocks and other cage, become gabion. Also used to protect and support the seawall, hillsides, road and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering. Flood control and flood of good material. It can be used for the manufacture of handicrafts. Warehouse, tool room refrigeration, strengthening protection, marine fishing fence and construction sites, rivers, slope fixed soil (rock), residential security protection.
Especially, Hebeizhengyang wire mesh products CO.LTD has produced one new chain link fence-chain link fence with barbed wire, we think this kind of fence is more secure, it is absolutely enough to resist the unwanted guests-both human and animal.
Chain Link Fence of zhengyang Deserve the Good Reputation
Our experienced product-chain link fence is more than happy to meet all of your fencing needs. we are committed to providing quality results and our chain link fence keep the good reputation for many years ,so you can definitely trust us to add beauty and protection to your property. If you are interested in our product and want to know more information, please call us asap,our phone number is 86-311-67263936.


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