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Brazil Olympics: Ten Arrested for 'Plotting Terror'

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Brazilian police have arrested 10 members of a group alleged to be preparing acts of terrorism, two weeks before the start of the Olympic Games.

An emergency meeting of the Brazilian cabinet has been called.
Brazil Olympics: Ten Arrested for 'Plotting Terror'

More than 80,000 police and soldiers will patrol Rio streets for the games which end on 21 August.

The federal government said last week that it was releasing an extra $24m (£18m) to beef up security ahead of the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee recently concluded that Rio de Janeiro had overcome setbacks and was "ready to welcome the world" to the 2016 Olympics.
There have been fears over Rio's readiness because of building delays, the Zika virus and political crises.

Mr Moraes told a news conference there was a "minimal probability of a terrorist act during the Rio Olympics."

As we know, the Olympic Games is not only a big event for the host but also for the world, every country take the Olympic Games pretty seriously. So the defensive measures are necessary. For such acts of terrorism ,more defensive efforts should be put into it.

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Brazil Olympics: Ten Arrested for 'Plotting Terror'


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