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Blade gill nets and razor thorns are the same product?

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Blade gill nets and razor barges from the strict sense of the two products, but because the knife gill net products and the use of the range are relatively small, many people put these types of products are free to call the name, as long as the band Knife thorns are such products, knife gill nets, razor barbed wire, blade gill nets, knife spines isolated network are said that this type of product. Do not deliberately to correct the customer is not rigorous, as long as you can understand what customers want products on the line, in fact, you think again, the customer will know that such a word is not better, even if he went to the Internet search only this A word so your competition is not still less what? You give customers a more professional product words so that customers will know after the search for this more professional product words, so that your competitors will improve the grade, the number will be more, why bother?

As a salesperson we are connected to the customer when the call, often hear "I want to buy a knife gill nets, knife gill nets, razor barbed wire, knife thorn isolation network." For these different names of the professional staff are aware of the same product, some sales staff to hear a different name would like to correct the customer's name, should be called "blade gill". In fact, the law is irrelevant, do not try to change the custom of the customer called, as long as both know that the same product can be. Determine the specifications of a good blade gill nets, knife, anti-corrosion method to determine the product parameters and price

We in the specific analysis of the knife in the end and the blade gill nets are what products. Blade barbed wire is easy to understand, that is, with a knife stabbed bar, whether it is straight or spiral are similar to the shape of the rope, known as the blade gill nets. Blade gill nets, what the so-called network, you have to have a side of the hole, can filter some things can be called the network, no hole that is the board. So the blade barbed wire or welded or by other means paved into a face after the blade gill nets. After my analysis above we are very easy to form an image in the brain, and the blade barbed wire is the basis of the composition of the blade gill nets, galvanized blade gill nets is a high-level form of the barbed wire.

To this analysis for everyone to clear the knife gill nets and razor barbed the relationship, if there are more questions can be in the message below, I will give you one by one answer, a lot of blade gill nets enterprises do not want to share these technical on the network Of the things, for fear of their own people will be stolen to share the same, because such self-proclaimed a lot of peer-led malicious competition, local characteristics of the economy in order to be more healthy development must be united, technology share price sharing, by sales staff eloquence To compete for customers Caixing, so as to increase the unity within the industry. Of course some people will question the technology after sharing who to study new things. This is a very good question, a business rely on to develop, is to rely on innovation it How an enterprise can innovate to enlarge to a characteristic economic area. You only have to ensure that the local characteristics of the interests of the economy in order to have more money to research and development. If you are inside the infighting, it will be picked up by the adjacent areas of cheap.

There are many places with characteristic economy, but it is really able to do the internal benign competition is very small, the lack of such a strong attitude of the leadership to integrate. Some places to achieve, and then the country famous, hoping to have more areas to achieve common development.


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