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Bastion Barrier

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Bastion Barrier

Bastion barrier, also known as blast wall, is a type of defensive barrier generally used in dangerous spots around the globe such as Iraq, Afghanistan and other places with ever-present threats. As its name implies, Securest bastion barrier is ideal to protect troops and civilian personnel from attacks from terrorists, insurgents and other adversaries. In addition, they are also ideal to define boundaries, secure vehicles, equipment and other critical assets.

Bastion Barrier Production Process:

Welded into a mesh by welding, and connected by springs to form a cage of a certain size, and then bind the geotextile, in which the stone or sand is filled in the actual application to form a strong wall.

Bastion Barrier

Bastion Barrier Features:

Secure & reliable

Once filled with soil, sand or gravel, Securest forms a solid and strong barrier with exceptional strength and structural integrity to protect personnel and equipment from enemy fire. For example:

Two feet thick Securest can be used to stop rifle bullets and shell fragments.

Four feet thick Securest can prevent most car bombs.

Five feet thick Securest is ideal for preventing penetration and explosion fragments from rocket propelled grenade.


Bastion Barrier Advantage:

Securest bastion barrier can be used in separate cell or some cells joined together by joint pins to suit different needs of your projects. Almost any locally filling material can be used such as soil, sand, gravel, crushed rock and various other granular materials.

Bastion Barrier Labor saving design

Securest can be collapsed and stacked on pallets for easy package, handling and transport, so that it efficiently saves labor cost.

Quick & easy assembly

Securest provides the easiest deploy methods - just unfold it and fill it using minimal manpower or commonly available equipment. Previously, sandbag barrier is considered a slow undertaking as a person can only fill about 20 sandbags per hour. Yet our Securest do ten times the work.


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