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Anti-cutting 358 mesh fencing

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Anti-cutting 358 mesh fencing, The boards are 2515mm wide and statures range from 1200 mm to 6000mm Work sizes are 76.2 x 12.7mm and fabricated from 4mm wires Weld quality 75% of the base rigidity of the wire Toe and fingerproof work opening An anticlimb and anticut fence with superb through perceivability and protection from defacing Covering Boards are fabricated from pre-aroused wires A grip covering is applied to permit ideal bond with the polyester covering Posts are polyester covered with an electrifies substrate Tones Provided in Green RAL6005 and Black RAL9005 as standard however different tones are accessible on demand Work sizes and resistances Separation between the focuses of flat wires (cross wires): 12.7 ± 1 mm Varieties in work measurements will be greatest ± 1.5 mm per 1 meter length.
Separation between traverse 5.8 m length (max. cumulated resilience: ± 6mm) Separation between the focuses of vertical wires (line wires): 76.2 ± 2 mm The varieties in the work measurements will be not more than ± 3 mm over aggregate width of board

Anti-cutting 358 mesh fencing

Anti-cutting 358 mesh fencing  materials: galvanized stainless steel.

Anti-cutting 358 mesh fencing patterns: squares

Anti-cutting 358 mesh fencing features:

358 tight work setup offers no climbing helps
Board wires are welded at each crossing point
Mitigates assault by hand and controlled devices through close work plan
High perceivability makes the 358 weld work ideal for use with CCTV cameras
Hard to cut with jolt croppersExtremely solid and hearty

Can be ventured to consider establishment on lopsided ground Alter safe latches

Anti-cutting 358 mesh fencing Application:
Extension against climb guarding and monitor wellbeing screening;
High security window grilles;
Air terminal security fencing
Delivery Port Security fencing
Electrical sub-station fencing

Packing reference

The welded mesh fence panel: wrapped with canton box and put on metal pallet
The welded mesh fence post: wrapped with plastic strip and in bulk
The welded mesh fence accessory : in carton box
Or as your requirement

Anti-cutting 358 mesh fencing


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