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American San Diego Shooting: One Officer killed,One Wounded

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One San Diego police officer was killed and another was wounded in a shootout following a late-night stop to check out a person, authorities said Friday. A suspect was wounded and taken into custody shortly after the gunfight and police hours later surrounded a home as they searched for man described as a possible accomplice.

 American San Diego Shooting: One Officer killed ,One Wounded

The shooting occurred in San Diego Bernanke Juarez, DC, about 3 kilometers from the San Diego Naval Base. Local media reported that Friday evening around 23:00, two police officers were shot. San Diego police Chief Shelly Zimmerman on the day's news conference that the two police officers, 16-year-old police rushed to the hospital after police Guzman died, another police officer seriously injured. Police said the arrested suspect is a Hispanic man, was seriously injured in the crossfire with the police. This incident is still under investigation.

 American San Diego Shooting: One Officer killed ,One Wounded

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