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Introduction of Straight Razor Wire

Views: 1     Author: Hebei Zheng Wire Mesh Products Co, Ltd     Publish Time: 2016-07-16      Origin: Site Inquire

Introduction of Straight Razor Wire

  Do you know razor wire?Razor wire, also called razor barbed tape is a more aggressive and better intruder deterrent for elevations above fencing. Also known as Razor Tape, or Razor Strip, it can be used as a fencing itself, or used in the form of Razor Wire.After understanding the previous knowledge, would you wonder razor wire there are no products in razor wire that is beautiful and convenient installation and safety and durability and inexpensive?So hard if you have a problem, I can tell you that the answer is Yes.In fact,the product is straight razor wire.

Introduction of Straight Razor Wire

  Straight razor wire as a kind of razor wire, it has all characteristics of the razor wire, except that it has a special performance to become the most popular razor wire products.Straight razor wire is easy to install as it is placed straight. Since it doesn’t cause any expansion, it won’t injure innocent passers-by.It consists of material is made of 0.5mm thick hot-galvanized steel sheet and 2.5mm-thick high carbon galvanized(hot-dipped or electric)wire.Straight razor wire is common used due to it is installed quickly and save expenditure. We can serve different applications and specifications razor wire for customers. This surface treatment can protect wire from corrosion, extending service life of the products. As a matter of fact,the advantages of this product are very much,such as the following: beautiful and protective excellent performance,easy to install, high safety factor, many tricks, and a good deterrent effect, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance.Do these advantages have attracted you?Due to these advantages, so its usage is also widespread, the usage is not only military but also used for civilian, specifically including: factories, airports, power substations, high-security prisons, hospitals, roads, homes, construction sites, walls, windows, balconies, roofs of buildings, ships to protect against pirates, ports, parking lots, and wherever else extra safety is required.It comes packaged in individual cartons (more expensive solution) or bundled with steel straps on wooden pallets with corrugated cardboard wrapping.

Introduction of Straight Razor Wire
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